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Prior to provision of services, A LBA (Licensed Behavior Analyst) administers assessments including autism specific assessments, developmental skills tests, behavior scales, parent/caregiver interviews, social skills tests, and direct observation/engagement. 


We now also provide administration of the ADOS-2

(Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule).

Please note that we do not provide diagnoses, however, this assessment if commonly used to provides tot he client's physicisan or psychologst in order for them to make a diagnosis if appropriate.


When the assessments are completed and the ASD diagnosis is confirmed, an Individual Service Plan (ISP) is created to addresses the immediate needs of the client with goals determined by collaborating with the family and related service providers.These goals may address specific deficits in skills such as communication, socialization, self-help skills, self-injury, aggression and toilet training, along with many others. Based on the results of the assessments, goals are determined by collaborating with the family and related service providers on goals that address the immediate needs of the clients.



ABA Therapy

ABA therapy sessions are individual sessions that may occur in the home, clinic, and/or community setting, with a certified Behavior Technician and the Licensed Behavior Analyst. These sessions provide a positive learning experience for clients to acquire new skills, while it appears as leisure and playtime. This encourages natural responses and helps development of skills relevant to the child’s interests.


Parent/caregiver Guidance and Training

Parent/caregiver training is an essential component of an ABA treatment plan. Based on your child’s individual needs, the Licensed Behavior Analyst who is working with your child will provide recommendations and training on the use of evidence-based ABA strategies.  By providing caregiver support and guidance on the principles of ABA, we increase the caregiver’s knowledge and ability to teach socially significant skills, as well as manage their child’s interfering behaviors more effectively. While receiving this service, new questions or concerns regarding your child’s development can be able to be addressed. During parent training sessions, we will review your child’s progress on individualized goals and discuss making any needed modifications to their treatment plan.


Small Group Social Skills

Our clients can learn new skills in small groups with same aged peers to address common goals, social awareness, basic communication and language, school readiness behaviors, following a schedule, toleration of denied access and non preffered actigvity, participating in snack or meal time with others at a table, and many others.

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